Adding a newsletter sign up box – or pop-up – to your WordPress website is a great way to capture visitors’ details and grow your business.

Why do I need a newsletter?

Having a healthy newsletter list and sending well-timed, useful content to subscribers can really boost your business and profile. Sending out a newsletter monthly or every few weeks:

  • helps to establish you as a leader and authority in your industry
  • creates leads as you let people know of the services you offer
  • can create a more immediate income if you sell by affiliate link
  • will drive traffic to your website or social media channels

1 simple step to newsletter success!

The simplest and easiest way to get a newsletter set up on your WordPress site is to let me do it for you! If you’d rather do it yourself, just scroll on down past this section. But, if you’re interested, for only £65 I will do the following for you:

  • sign you up for a MailChimp account if you don’t have one already
  • add the premium newsletter plugin Bloom (from Elegant Themes) to your site – this is usually only available when you join the Elegant Themes community for $89 per year.
  • design & configure a pop-up opt-in, a sidebar opt-in and an opt-in to go on your pages and posts
  • place your optin-ins where you want them
  • show you how to use and edit them

You can view the Bloom demo here. Bloom is totally customisable to your brand, it can include your images and can be configured to fly in, pop up, appear after a certain time period or after a visitor has scrolled a certain way down your page. It’s great!

Contact me if you’d like to get a really professional newsletter sign-up facility on your website in the next few days! 

If you want to do it yourself…

Okay, there are plenty of FREE newsletter opt-in options out there, although they don’t always offer the same level of customisation as a premium option. I have found a FREE plugin called Hustle by WPMU DEV, which I think is a great, basic option. You will need a MailChimp (or other such as AWeber or ConvertKit) account to set up this opt-in.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1 – Add the new plugin  (n.b: before adding any new plugin, you should always back up your site!)

From your Dashboard, navigate to Plugins then Add New. Write Hustle in the keyword search box and when you see this option (below), click Install Now and then once it has installed, click Activate.


Step 2 – Basic Set-up

Hover over Hustle on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and click on Email Opt-ins.

Click the blue Create an Opt-in button. Give your opt-in a name (only you see this) and choose an email provider from the drop-down list.

(If you are using MailChimp, access your API by logging in to your MailChimp account, clicking on your account name on the top right of the screen and choosing Account. Next choose Extras then API Keys. you can then create a key which you can copy & paste into this opt-in set-up.)

Paste your API key into the space provided and choose an Email list from the drop-down menu which appears.

Click Next Step.


Step 3 – Content & Design

In the Content section, write a heading and some content, upload an image – a logo or a pic of you perhaps – if you want to.

In the Structure section, choose your preferred layout. At any time you can click on the eye in the circle to the left of the screen to see what your pop-up looks like (see image below).

In the Module Fields section, I would advise ticking First Name & Email.

In the Colors section, click the Customize Colors box then change the colours to suit your brand. You can either use hex codes if you know them, or simply choose from the colours available to you in the plugin.

The eye symbol, the hex code and the customize box are highlighted here

In the Shapes, Borders, Icons and Custom CSS section, I would advise changing nothing.

Click Next Step


Step 4: Display Settings

The shortcode you are given in this section (something like this: [wd_hustle id=”newsletter optin”]) can be pasted into a post or page and your newsletter sign-up form should appear where you pasted it, when you publish that post or page.

If you want your optin to be placed after content on a post or page, enable the after content opt-in.  When you do that, some options appear; this is where you choose which content you want it to appear after.

If you would also like the opt-in to appear as a pop-up, keep enable pop-up opt-in enabled and choose on which posts, pages etc you would like it to pop-up!

The Pop-up Triggers section allows you to set whether the pop-up appears after a certain period of time, after a user has scrolled a % of the way down the page etc.

You can also enable a slide-in option if you want to.

Once you click Finish, the pop-ups and opt-ins you have configured are now live on your site!