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Effective SEO leads to more customers – simple as that!

Be Found Online

Effective SEO leads to more customers - simple as that!

On-Page SEO

I’ve I’ll help you decide which search terms will work best for your business; next I’ll optimise your site, focusing on your written copy, your URLs, your image tags, heading text & other techy stuff, to help your customers find you.

Off-Page SEO

From optimising your social media accounts to listing yourself on Google My Business, there are many ways what you do elsewhere on the internet can help people to find you. I’ll show you how, or do it for you!


Whatever your budget, there will be something I can do to help your customers find you. So, even if you have only have £50 to put into SEO right now, get in touch & let’s get started!


 I’ll create a report which will explain in simple terms what you’re already doing right & how you can ensure even more customers find your website in future. You choose to either implement those changes yourself, or ask me to do it for you!

£50 | redeemable against any SEO services you later purchase from me. | 01509 881095 | 07478 276128

Showcase | Dr Emma Pooley

Dr Emma Pooley is a private GP based in Nottingham. As well as designing her site, she wanted me to help her get found by clients who needed her service.

On-Page SEO

After settling on the search term  ‘private GP Nottingham’, I edited the Emma’s written copy to ensure we used that & similar terms often but naturally throughout the site.

I also optimised the site’s URLs, the tags associated with images  and made good use of heading text to highlight the keywords.

Finally, I installed and set up the Yoast plugin which enabled me to specify how Emma’s site appeared in search results (the blue heading and what appears underneath it in Google results).



Off-Page SEO

Away from Emma’s site, I set up a Google My Business page for Emma & ensured she was listed on the major directory sites for her sector.


Within a few months, Emma’s site was appearing on the first page of search engine results for her chosen term, although she had strong competition from established private hospitals!

Whatever your budget…

My template websites are specifically designed for freelancer & small businesses, but if you have more money to spend, a bespoke design could be for you. My hourly rate is affordable, so even if you just want a few changes or some SEO work done, it’s possible! | 01509 881095 | 07478 276128