Creating & selling digital downloads is a fantastic way to make a recurring income without having to do the work again & again. Below I have started a list of digital download ideas for service-based businesses, which I will continue to add to as they occur to me!

Workbooks | Perfect if you’re a lifecoach, a dietition or work in another area of the wellbeing industry.  A great idea for people who work in education and want to provide some activtivities for children.

How-to guides | Great for techy, financial & trades businesses

Templates | Useful for many sectors, examples include: CV templates, sewing or craft patterns, official letters, Excel documents for keeping track of spending or accountancy matters, social media post templates.

Audio files | An obvious choice for some health professionals, as well as authors, singing teachers. Examples include: guided meditations; singing lessons or songs; short stories or poetry; self-help guides.

Digital art | Artists who may so far only have sold at fairs or in shops could benefit from this idea. Examples include: editable invites, prints, printable greetings cards, posters for colouring.

Courses & Classes | This one could work for almost any industry, but some that come to mind are: technical skills, language courses; cookery courses; craft courses; fitness classes.

Planners | Could be good for lots of industries, for example: social media planners, meal planners, weekend planners; birthday planners; interior design planners; gardening planner.

Others | Recipe books, original art colouring books; inspirational cards sets; recipe card sets, language learning cards.



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