Just before you dive into that glass of wine – or am I too late? – here’s what’s caught my eye on the web this week..

7 Proven Ways To Create Powerful Headlines For Your Content

An easy to follow, actionable list of tried and tested methods for grabbing your readers’ attention. Great job from the people over at Tips & Tricks HQ!

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Facebook Page

From the power of ads to your Facebook marketing mindset – 6 valuable lessons you can learn right now!

The Ultimate List Of Blog Post Ideas

A fantabulous¬†infographic – don’t you just love them! – bursting with useful and practical ideas for blog posts to suit every mood and personality.

5 Questions To Ask Before Doing A Website Redesign

You may feel that your website needs an overhaul, but before you take the plunge, be sure you know the answers to these 5 questions. (Then click here to contact me about a redesign!)

and finally…

Do You Have Your Best Ideas In The Shower?

I do (TMI?) – and sometimes when I’m driving. What’s that all about? Read the article to find out.

Then go drink that wine!